Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching up............

I didn’t realize that I was so behind on updating the blog until recently. While at the Fayette County High School homecoming parade a woman came up to me and said, “Hey, I read your blog” and she wanted to know why I hadn’t written anything lately.

I think I have been slack on keeping up with the blog because I know most everyone has already seen the pictures on Krisha’s Facebook page and may not need/want to see it again, BUT for the few of you that do read the blog and keep up with us, I hope you enjoy the “catch up”.

Because, I blog. I do not Facebook, Myspace, Tweet or any of the other social networking stuff…..I blog as a way to have a journal about our lives.
Summer Fun, Preschool, ALABAMA Football begins, Krisha's birthday................
The girls started preschool, this was taken the first day they attended.

In August, they officially started the school year.
This was Johnny Appleseed's birthday party at school.

The girls say, "ROLL TIDE"

The three most precious things in the world to me.

Game day

Krisha's birthday celebration
Where did our babies go??????
Watching a movie in Pop Pop's truck
  • The girls are totally into the Disney Princess thing! Lainey is everything Cinderella, while Aubrey is everything Belle.
  • They started out with two kittens, Cinderella and Belle. However, Belle was called home to Jesus very early, leaving Cinderella alone.
    • Pop Pop and I went to Lowes to purchase a dishwasher with Krisha, came home with two NEW kittens to keep Cinderella company, Tinkerbell and Jasmine. (FYI, Cinderella could care less about them!)
  • They love riding in Pop Pop's new truck because it has a built in DVD player with headphones. (D's car has no DVD player, so the carseats stay in the truck more than the car now).
  • They love saying ROLL TIDE and will quickly tell you that Auburn stinks.
  • They are NOT shy to ask Pop Pop for money, it started out asking for coinzies (quarters) and moved up to dollars. Also, they have the batting the eyes and giving that sweet smile to him for extra change too!
  • Aubrey totally has my OCD habits, while Lainey has my hard-headedness. (This is a statement from Krisha, she blames it all on me!)
  • They are growing up TOO Fast......
Eli has his good days and his bad days now, he spends most of his time sleeping. He only travels to the vet as needed, but as a treat we sometimes ride him in the subdivision. He LOVES the girls and they love him. When they aren't here he will go into their room for a nap (But he never bothers any of their toys!) I count each day  with him as a precious blessing.



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